40,000 electronics, 62 American flags–Recycling Extravaganza an extravagant success

A few statistics from the Recycling Extravaganza, held May 5 at RFUMC, illustrate the event’s success. Recycled were:

  • 40,000 different electronics
  • 100 pounds of medications
  • 62 American flags

A total of 600 cars drove up to drop off items to the event’s 48 volunteers, including 291 from River Forest.

The event was in partnership with groups from the River Forest community, including District 90 GREEN4GOOD, River Forest Parks Foundation, and River Forest Citizens Corp.

Judy Deogracias, on behalf of Green4Good, wrote the following letter to RFUMC:

Thank you for your support of the Recycling Extravaganza. We really appreciate your congregation’s support in this endeavor. It was a great day! Many community stakeholders came together for a common cause. Together our efforts diverted two semis full of electronics, a dumpster of scrap metal, and countless other items from landfills. It’s something to feel great about. I know the folks in the 600+ cars that came through that day were also very appreciative of your hosting the event. Thank you again. We could not have made this as successful if it had not been for all of you!

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Freddy Flow, aka FrEditor, writes poems, floems, and hop hip (sic) rhymes about music, art, literature, stupidity, and cupidity. Freddy Flow is the ill / legitimate child of Dr. Seuss, Fab Five Freddy, and Franz Kafka. Freddy Flow refers to himself in the third person.
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