Market Day!

A message from Dorothy Lawinger:

To all who already are Market day buyers, thank you. 

Market day is a great way to help the food pantry. As Jean Dillner said in church Sunday, the number of families who come to the food pantry is increasing. All our profits from Market day go to the food pantry.

If everyone could just buy one or two items a month or every other month it would help tremendously and be greatly appreciated. Market day food is very good and there are always plenty of specials and free items.

Need help picking up orders or have questions? Call Dorothy at 708-366-6060. Due dates for order are as follows.
 To Dorothy by February 4
 By Internet by February 6 
 Pick up date is February 9 from 10:45 to 11:30 am, at 
First United Methodist, 324 N. Oak Park Ave, Oak Park ( Superior side)

Thank you and have a very blessed day.

About freddyflow

Freddy Flow, aka FrEditor, writes poems, floems, and hop hip (sic) rhymes about music, art, literature, stupidity, and cupidity. Freddy Flow is the ill / legitimate child of Dr. Seuss, Fab Five Freddy, and Franz Kafka. Freddy Flow refers to himself in the third person.
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