RFUMC in the Wright Plus 2016 !

IMG_7956We were very blessed and honored to participate in the Wright Plus 2016, a Housewalk in Oak Park and River Forest IL, Organized by the Frank Lloyd Wright Trust. Our Church functioned as the 2016 Wright plus prairie School Exhibit Area and oasis.


Visitors could admired the original art glass based on a stylized wheat design windows designed by Drummond in 1871, they watched a video and photographic display panels focusing on research highlights related to Wright, his studio and the prairie school architects.

The RFUMC youth group sold water and snacks to contribute with the PADS program, and while we were selling snacks we played traditional and contemporary music with guitars, violin and drums to offer a fun experience to our visitors.

Our church members worked hard to exhibit our church building to the world; we offered our facilities with joy and love for our community, and we want to continue to do more activities and programs in the future.

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Happy 99th birthday Marian Brennen!

IMG_7760With the joy of God in her life and with the company of her beautiful family, Marian shared with our church a very good time of celebration for her 99th birthday,(May 17th)   we enjoyed her happiness during and after our worship service.

We were honored with the presence of wonderful people; family, church members and friends, we all enjoyed God’s presence and Christian fellowship

We give thanks to God for the gift of life in Marian, she is a wonderful person with a sharp mind, good sense of humor,  a very good attitude in life, but over all she is a good Christian, very faithful to our church.

We pray that God continue to bless her life and family!

We love you Marian!

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Join us!

Every Sunday at 10. Come one, come all. Free coffee and refreshments afterwards… such a deal!IMG_7947

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C.R.O.P. Walk on May 1, donate now!

The CROP Hunger Walkathon is May 1. Join the RFUMC team, and donate now to help us fight hunger, one step at a time.

Every Saturday, RFUMC members open the doors to the Proviso Food Pantry, one of Hunger Walk’s recipients. The Pantry is sponsored by River Forest United Methodist Church and housed at Cosmopolitan Church in Melrose Park. Serving the Proviso Township, our clients are families, those on fixed incomes, the unemployed or underemployed — anyone who needs some extra help.

Please help Hunger Walkathon West CROP Hunger Walk end hunger and poverty in our community and around the world! Together we can make a difference.

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Easter Egg Hunt on March 19

The River Forest United Methodist Church and and Mosaic Montessori Academy invite you to The 2016 Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday, March 19, 10 to 11:30 a.m.

  • Easter egg hunt
  • Color your own Easter egg
  • Face painting
  • Free balloon figures
  • Easter pinatas
  • Take a photo with the Easter Bunny
  • And many more fun activities!

Donation of $5 per family is requested, but not required. All proceeds go to West Suburban PADS, which provides services for the homeless.

River Forest United Methodist Church, 7970 Lake St, River Forest

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Ash Wednesday Service – February 10, 2016


Ash Wednesday service for the community

12:30 and 7:00 p.m.

All people are welcome!


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Stewardship witness by Becky Eanet

On Jan. 13, during service, Becky Eanet provided the following message…

When I thought about my witness for today, what came to mind was how God has blessed me when I give him the best of what He has given to me, trusting in His provision for all my needs.  As an example, when I was laid off and unemployed, I continued to tithe on unemployment and God provided a new, good job in a very short period of time.  But I am now convicted, because, if I am honest about my own stewardship, I must confess to having drifted away from responsible giving in recent months. Spending beyond my means, caught up in overspending on material possessions, and seeking security and contentment by surrounding myself with those possessions, I’ve become grudging in my giving to God and decreased the amount and frequency of my giving.

God tells us in Scripture what He expects us to give back to Him, both financially and otherwise.  He promises that if we trust in Him and obey Him in tithing and in non-monetary stewardship of the resources He has given us, He will supply all our needs (as the expression goes, not our “greeds” but our needs).  I have been praying and thinking about my giving for 2013, and I am committing here and now to true tithing, giving 10% of my income — making a deliberate decision to trust Him with my financial resources, knowing He will provide for me when I submit to Him in this.

The idea of God blessing us when we give back to Him what he has gifted us with applies to non-monetary gifts as well.  We are to be good stewards of the abilities and talents He has given us, using them for His glory, giving of our time and service to others.  When we use our gifts in furthering His work, in spreading the message of the gospel, not only does this bless others around us, but we ourselves are blessed.  For me, much of my service is in the musical realm.  (And by the way, if the existence of music isn’t evidence of God’s hand in creation, I don’t know what is!)

One of the first experiences I had of God’s blessing in my music ministry was during my participation in an interfaith Bible study where the leaders of the study sent out a call for pianists to play at the start of each weekly meeting and accompany the group as they sang some hymns.  As soon as I heard about the need, I knew God was calling me to serve in this way, but I initially hesitated because I had not played piano much at all for many years and was uncertain about my ability to do the job.  Long story short, I did decide to take on this role and soon found myself blessed in a number of unexpected ways. God provided!  He got me back into practicing regularly as I prepared songs to play each week, helped me become familiar with many hymns I would not have known otherwise, allowed me to hear the joyful voices of over 300 women raised in songs of praise each week, and gave me a new way to express my love for Him through music.

Now, at RFUMC, I worship God through the ministry of our church choir.  As I’ve often said, it’s my favorite way to worship, raising my personal praise and tribute to Him by making the most beautiful noise I can make — my best effort — for His glory, not for my own.  I can set aside my ego – and the nervousness I otherwise feel in front of a group — and sing freely to and about Him.  I am drawn closer to Him and my faith is strengthened in contemplating the meaning of the words of the songs.  And I reminded again and again of His sovereignty in creating music for our pleasure and for His glory.

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